7 out of 11 senior club officials predict “no return”… What is Bauer’s future?

Can Trevor Bauer (32) play baseball again?”

The Los Angeles Times reported on the 13th (Korean time) an interview with about 11 general managers about Bauer’s future.

Bauer was released from the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 13th. It has been 6 days since the DFA (transfer designated player) was taken. After being released by the Dodgers, Bauer became a free agent. He is free to pursue a contract with any club. However, it is doubtful whether there will be a club that will hold Bauer’s hand. It is because of the history of Bauer, the ‘accident group’.

Bauer was investigated by the prosecution for sexual assault during the 2021 season. He is accused of engaging in violence after having sex with a woman. At the time, LA prosecutors dismissed the charges due to insufficient evidence, but two additional victims appeared. Ultimately, he was suspended for 324 games by the MLB Office.

Bauer immediately appealed, and legal arbitration reduced the penalty to a 194-game suspension. He expected to return to the Dodgers, but the club released Bauer. The media said, “The Dodgers decided to lose 22.5 million dollars (about 27.8 billion won) of the remaining down payment rather than retaining Bauer and gaining public opposition.”

Amid much talk about the possibility of Bauer’s return, the media asked the general manager of 11 major league clubs about the possibility of Bauer’s return to the major leagues.

The media said, “We asked about 16 front-office executives, including the president and general manager, if they were interested in recruiting Bauer. Of those, 11 responded, and 7 responded resolutely, ‘Returning is difficult.’ I avoided it, and there were 1 opinion each of ‘I have to watch it’, ‘It will probably be difficult’, and ‘I don’t think about that topic’.” 바카라

Then, “Director A, who requested anonymity, said, ‘Because he was released, the minimum annual salary is 720,000 dollars (about 800 million won), which is cheap. It would not be surprising if any club signs with Bauer.’ The general manager added, “I asked my wife first what it would be like to sign a contract with this type of player (suspicion of sexual assault), but the response was not good.”

Major League Baseball is responding sternly to allegations of violence. A prime example is Roberto Osuna (28), who recorded 155 saves in the big leagues. Osuna received a 75-game suspension for assaulting his girlfriend. The return was also released after the end of the 2020 season for a while, and he has not been able to return to the big leagues. Despite his young age and outstanding talent, his assault history is holding back his return to the major leagues.

We expect Bauer to do the same. The media explained, “When Bauer tries to make a comeback, he will face obstacles similar to those of Osuna.”

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