6 mistakes, 19 bases, a great turnaround party… the dark Elo Lasico, what about the remaining 15 games .

Lotte’s Yoo Gang-nam’s first match against his former team, and LG Park Dong-won’s first home run after his transfer was a game with issues. However, all of them were buried in a bigger stage (?) called ‘Elotrasico’. In 2023, Elotrasico of Hell has begun.

Sajik Stadium in Busan, where the first match between Lotte and LG took place on the 11th. It was the first time that Yoo Kang-nam, who changed his uniform from LG to Lotte after obtaining FA qualification ahead of this season, and Park Dong-won, who was recruited to fill Yoo Kang-nam’s position. It is safe to call it the ‘Yoo Gangnam Derby’ because the transfer of Kangnam Yoo caused a chain movement between the two teams.

Before the game, Yoo Kang-nam explained his impression 메이저사이트 of meeting his former team, saying, “It will not be easy, but I will try to play as usual.” Nevertheless, during training before the game, he showed off his friendship by having a friendly meeting with the players of his former team. 

However, as they entered the game, the presence of ‘Yoo Gangnam Derby’ faded. Yoo Kang-nam hit the first hit against his team in the 5th inning without a runner. And Park Dong-won appeared as the leading hitter in the 7th inning and hit his first home run since the transfer. Even so, it was not enough for the two players to show off their presence. The unique story of ‘Elotrasico’ has become even more prominent. 

From the first match of the season, both teams gave off unusual energy. A total of 6 errors were made by both teams. LG committed 4 mistakes, but all of them were mistakes that were connected to the real point situation. 

In the 3rd inning, Lotte Hwang Seong-bin allowed a triple at 2nd and 3rd base. However, subsequent play was not good. Second baseman Seo Geon-chang, who was playing relay play, fumbled the ball, and Hwang Seong-bin dug into the home base and was turned 1-2. 

Even in the 4th inning, Seo Geon-chang amplified anxiety by not being able to handle Go Seung-min’s ground ball at once. 

The harbinger of an unusual game ended here, and the energy of the jumble completely exploded in the 6th inning. At the end of the 6th inning, Lotte took the opportunity to load the bases with one out. On the mound were LG Pil Seung-jo and Jung Woo-young. Noh Jin-hyeok made Jung Woo-young’s hit a regular hit and headed to the right field. However, as the ball was hidden in the light of Sajik Stadium, right fielder Moon Seong-joo lost the ball, leading to two RBIs and a double. 

Afterwards, An Chi-Hong’s assault on third base in the second and third bases was also strange. Third baseman Moon Bo-gyeong made a good catch, but the inning didn’t end as he threw a bad throw to first base, and the runner on third base stepped home. Then, when the second base runner rushed home, catcher Park Dong-won failed to catch first baseman Austin’s home throw and made a mistake. 2 errors were added at once, and it became a 4 error game.

In Lotte, Yoo Kang-nam missed the lead batter Moon Bo-kyung’s foul fly in the 4th inning. And in the 5th inning, with one out and bases loaded, second baseman Lee Hak-joo fumbled Seo Geon-chang’s hit and failed to connect it with a double hit, adding two errors.

The other line was also frustrating. LG went on base 19 times while getting 11 hits and 8 walks. However, they failed to save the scoring opportunities consecutively. In the 1st inning 2 outs 1st and 3rd bases, in the 4th inning 2 outs full base, in the 5th inning 1 company full base, in the 6th inning 1 company 2nd and 3rd bases, in the 9th inning 1 company 2nd base all missed opportunities. It was a game that should have scored more than 5 points, but it was self-defeating leaving 12 left bases. 

Lotte scored 6 runs after hitting 9 hits and getting 3 walks. It can be seen as efficient, but considering that LG self-destructed with 4 mistakes, Lotte also failed to properly utilize the opportunity gained from the opponent’s self-destruction and failed to bring the atmosphere firmly.

The first Elotrasico ended with Lotte winning 6-5. From the first Elotrasico, he played an unusual game. It seemed to foretell a rough year. How will Lotte and LG’s remaining 15 Elotrasico unfold? 

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