’54 point difference’ coach Tamaki Koji, “100 points+, often appears in Japan”

“A score of 100 or more often comes out even in women’s universities and high schools in Japan.”

In the second game토토사이트 of the 46th Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 20th, the Japanese Women’s University Selection won a perfect victory over the Korean Women’s University Selection, 112-58. Japan, which had a 52-40 lead until the first half, scored 60 points in the second half and conceded only 18 points, ending the game with a 54-point lead. 112 points is the second highest score in the tournament. The highest score is 114 points.

Japanese coach Koji Tamaki said after the victory that day, “I corrected the mistakes made yesterday (19th) and played a better game today (20th). Thank you to the players,” he turned the ball to the players.

The game was decided early on.

Coach Tamaki said, “It is a tournament that will be held in four years regardless of the outcome, and it was a tournament that was carefully prepared, so I thought that playing our basketball until the end was a reward, so I worked hard.” I have a desire to do it, so I do my best even if I am told not to.”

Upoma Tanaka recorded 19 points and 6 rebounds despite playing in 19 minutes and 19 seconds. He made 9 of 10 field goals.

Manager Tamaki said, “Tanaka is very good, but he also has great potential. He will be able to demonstrate greater ability.”

Japan attempted 21 3-pointers and made 8 of them. Although his success rate does not exceed 40%, his ability to create three-point opportunities was outstanding.

Coach Tamaki said, “The players have excellent abilities, but the players set goals and worked really hard until they were really out of breath made the skills of the players today.”

It is no exaggeration to say that the difference in skills between Japan and Korea comes from the difference in physical strength. Overwhelming 60-18 only in the second half is also a difference in stamina.

Coach Tamaki said, “Japanese universities are in the middle of the season, so there are some that have improved stamina, but the team trains and the national team also trains. That’s why I think my stamina has improved.”

One of the driving forces that dominated the second half was the fast break. Japan, which failed to make any quick attacks in the first half, managed 10 quick attacks in the second half.

Director Tamaki said, “I felt like I was being dragged into the first half, so I adjusted to Korea. In the second half, we figured out our strengths and weaknesses and played to the best of our strengths. The first half and the second half were different.”

The women’s college basketball league has been running since 2015. The most points scored in a single game for the women’s university division is 96 points. The 112 points that came out that day is a record that is hard to see easily.

When asked if more than 100 points are scored in Japanese women’s university matches, Tamaki said, “In Japanese women’s universities and high schools, more than 100 points are often scored.” ” he said.

Japan, who confirmed the championship, is ahead of the third game.

Coach Tamaki said, “All players need to experience and learn from Korean players to become better players not only in this tournament, but in the future, so we are trying to develop evenly by appointing several players.” Showing respect and repaying it is to show our play without giving up until the end. I plan to work hard by fixing what didn’t work today (20th),” he promised to do his best in the third game.

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