158km batted ball snatched and ‘hit deleted’… Lake Monument of Kim Ha-sung who sang cheers

This is sports news. It stretched out in a straight line and was recorded at 158 ​​km/h, but it was snatched up at once. Today (4th), Kim Ha-seong sang fans’ cheers for his water-tight defense.

He caught the bouncing ball with his bare hands, threw it straight to first base, erased the hit, and passed the risk of conceding with his strong shoulder, reaching 158 km/h.

In the midst of Hobi,토토사이트 who threw herself on the floor and sometimes flew up to cheers, San Diego Kim Ha-seong, who played third baseman, was also applauded for his sensuous gestures.

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In the beginning of the 2nd inning, he caught a ball that was about to fall off with his backhand, then sent it to 1st base and put it out. In the 6th, his quickness was brilliant.

Excitement burst out as he caught the ball while running at 158 ​​km/h, which stretched out in a straight line.

Seeing how strong the ball was, Ha-seong Kim also shook off his tingling hands.

He showed once again that he is a player who can entrust any position with tight defense, although he only walked without a hit at the plate, and led the team to a 7-1 victory.

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In addition to multi-hits, Pittsburgh Bae Ji-hwan, who stole the base twice today, left regrets in defense.

At the end of the 5th inning, the quick throw followed by an exquisite diving catch was selected as the ‘scene of the day’, but a mistake was made the next batter.

He ran out and caught the ground ball that hit him, but he couldn’t get it out of the glove at once, and the ball he threw in a hurry fell to the side of the first baseman and gave him a painful score.

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