‘13 Minor Leaguers’ Miraculous Day, Minor Relegation → Double Header Call-up → Debut First Hit

 Drew Madge (Pittsburgh), who spent all 13 years in the minor leagues until last year, recorded his first hit, RBI, and runs following his dream major league debut. I didn’t miss the opportunity that could have been the last.

On the 30th (Korean time),메이저놀이터 Madge recorded 2 hits and 1 RBI in 2 at-bats in the second game of a double header with the Washington Nationals in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, USA. It was his first major league hit in 13 years after being selected by Pittsburgh in the 15th round of the 2010 draft.

His first hit came in the 7th inning when Pittsburgh outscored 12–0. Madge came to the plate as a pinch-hitter for Kevrian Hayes and scored a heavy hit after a 7-pitch game with Hobby Harris. He didn’t miss the splitter coming in high. Jason DeLay, who was on third base, was able to score the first RBI in his debut as he homered.

Madge was called up to the major leagues on the 24th. As the story of his 13-year career in the minor leagues became known, he became a celebrity outside of Pittsburgh as well. Thanks to Madge’s first hit, not only the Pittsburgh players and fans, but also the Washington fans at the home stadium went wild. Madge made his first slugging and multi-hit game in his debut with a double in the ninth.

It was a day of luck. In fact, Madge was able to play as the 27th player on the day, remaining at the end of the major league roster. It’s because of the doubleheader schedule.

Pittsburgh sent Madge back to Double-A by raising Miguel Anduha, who was in Triple-A, ahead of the game against Washington on the 30th. Madge was removed from the 26-man roster, but remained on the team as a doubleheader addition. Just before becoming a minor leaguer again, the first big league hits, long hits, RBIs, and multi-hits came out.

The American The Athletic said, “We’re not sure if this will be Madge’s last big league game (against Washington on the 30th). But he will go down in history as a major leaguer with two hits, one RBI, and one run run. No one can change that fact. “They applauded the fruits of their 13 years of hard work.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh held Game 1 of the doubleheader at 6-3 and Game 2 at 16-1 and added two wins in one day. He was the first to reach 20 wins in the National League. He is recording 20 wins and 8 losses with a win rate of 0.714 with 4 consecutive wins.

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