10 million won for high school baseball field training? Parents secretly ‘steal tears’

“My back is bent. I can’t help it.”

The preparations for the new year of the amateur high school baseball team accelerated as much as the professional baseball spring camp.

Overseas field training, which was difficult due to Corona-19, is now possible, and many high school baseball schools have expanded their field training.

This year, with schools leaving for off-campus training in the Philippines, Japan, and even the United States, the voices of players and parents struggling with expensive training costs are being heard.

As a result of the coverage of MHN Sports, it is known that the cost of field training for high school baseball this year is at most 10 million won, and parents pay an average of 5 million won for training costs.

In addition, a parent of a high school baseball team said in a phone call with this magazine on the evening of the 12th, “It was difficult to send a child to field training because the cost was too high. I decided to solve it through an emergency loan.”

Controversy over the cost of field training for high school baseball arose every year. In particular, parents are breaking their backs, such as paying more than 3 million won per month for training and additional baseball club membership fees, even though it is a domestic field training.

In addition, when external factors such as children’s snacks and purchases of baseball equipment were added, an average of more than 5 million won was needed per month.

In the field of amateur baseball, winter field training is called a ‘trick to fill the coach’s belly’. If you calculate this as a total cost for a year, the amount rises even more.

In addition, many middle school baseball teams are also suffering from the plan of ‘raising a son baseball player’ as they are leaving for field training in the southern part of the country.

An official familiar with the field of amateur baseball said, “In the case of high school baseball, field training is required because it is about to enter the professional field. However, the cost is increasing astronomically. “he said.

He continued, “For middle school baseball players, battery training is actually meaningless. There is also no difference between the weather in the southern part of Korea and the metropolitan area.” 온라인바카라

In the end, a world where you can’t play baseball without money has come. Even so, parents are shedding blood and sweat, such as going to the construction site for their son who dreams of becoming a baseball player, or chauffeur driving at night.

Even so, parents said, “This is all for my child. Even though it’s hard, I endure it by looking at pictures of my son playing baseball.”

There are cases in which unnecessary expenses and even the cost of some leaders’ drinks are calculated. Even so, parents cannot protest to the leaders and the school side.

This is because there is a concern that ‘my child may not be able to play baseball because of retaliation’.

What kind of parents will be able to make their children play baseball in the future, and how long parents will have to swallow their tears in the face of corrupt leaders who are trying to covet parents’ money somehow, is the reality of Amabaseball and the homework to be solved.

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